High quality mealworm ingredients

Through rigorous quality standards, our insect protein ingredients make it possible to provide the precise formulas for pets at different life cycle stages.

Our wide range of mealworm-based
ingredients can be used for dry, wet & treats for
pet food applications including:

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All products

Our mealworms ingredients bridge the gap between nutritional & environmental pressures.

The LCA analysis shows that Sprÿng’s product range is performing well by environmental standards, which is a validation of our production model.

The eco-design of our high-tech vertical farms and our use of healthy insects that are fed on optimized agricultural by-products,  means our products compare well with other premium petfood ingredients:

icon environnement
Lower GHG emissions
Lower land use
icon lipids
Lower water footprint
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can be saved by replacing the usual alternative proteins on the dry petfood market, each kg of Protein70
can be saved by replacing the usual protein alternatives on the wet petfood market, each kg of WetPro15

Pioneering mealworm farming

Our state-of-the-art vertical farms are the biggest and most advanced in the world with cutting-edge robotics and high-tech vision equipment. Our research and development on insect protein has led to 380 patents ensuring that our mealworm products are of the highest quality in terms of health and nutritional value.

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