The future of mealworm breeding is here.


Why choose mealworm protein?

Mealworms are non-flying insects which facilitates continuous breeding and scalability. They live on a dry substrate which allows great control of the breeding process. In turn, this guarantees the safety and consistently high-quality of our mealworm ingredients.

They have an excellent nutritional profile and these insect product ingredients are highly digestible which has a positive impact on pet performance and health. They are the base to make concentrated meals (up to 70% pet protein) with a low ash content (less than 5%). These quality ingredients come in a light brown powder with a neutral slightly nutty taste that’s easy to integrate into any pet food product.

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The largest 4.0 vertical mealworm farming site in the world

Our farm in Amiens is the largest indoor vertical mealworm farm in the world. It has 36m high ceilings and 160,000 tons of ingredients are processed annually to produce the highest quality petfood ingredients.

This shiny 4.0 facility with state-of-the art technologies and automation systems have been designed with pet food products in mind. Our advanced manufacturing processes and R&D means that we hold over 380 worldwide patents and are one of the leading insect protein manufacturing companies in the world.

In our 4.0 mealworm farm, technological and robotics are integrated into breeding and processing to ensure continual optimization of the value chain. Over 1 B data points are generated daily which are then analyzed and used as further input to continuously improve our ingredients production. This ensures we maintain product quality and consistency in the long-term.

Our indoor mealworm farming facilities are built with safety in mind in order to prevent insect and product contamination and ensure maximum security. Dry, compartmentalized, controlled, and stackable nurseries help maintain consistent, hygienic, disease-free, internal conditions so that production is largely unaffected by external factors. System consistency is increased through operational redundancy.

Finally, the rearing process is optimized to limit waste. All the products and co-products from the insect breeding are used. Even the meal worm excrement is recycled making excellent organic plant care.

Our cutting-edge team of entomologists has been insect farming for the past 20 years. They ensure the physiological needs of the mealworms are met. Our specialist team is always striving to improve the wellbeing and security of our insects through genetics, feed and health measures.


Feeding mealworms

Mealworms, whose low feed conversion ratio (FCR) means they convert low to high-protein ingredients very efficiently plus they live and feed on the same substrate within a meticulously controlled environment. This involves an ongoing cycle of breeding larvae and insects, followed by their transformation into nutritious and wholesome pet food ingredients. Our state-of-the-art protein production facilities and our entomologists specialized in nutrition allow us to continuously fine-tune their feeding program with good quality agricultural by-products. Ingredient selection is based on factors like nutritional composition, texture, shape, cost, and most notably the carbon footprint. Diet formulation is tailored to the regional feedstock available from nearby farms.

Smarter protein and nutrition.
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