Experience our WetPro15 at Interzoo 2024!

March 19, 2024

At Sprÿng, powered by Ynsect, we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: WetPro15.

It is a raw material boasting 15% protein content, ideal for crafting wet pet food.

Combining the nutritional richness of meat with an exceptionally low environmental impact, our high-quality mill is very easy to incorporate.

Through its composition, our ingredient makes it possible to naturally respond to different nutritional challenges for pets.

Whole mealworms are blanched and milled to get a paste consistency.

Our mealworms are bred in a carefully studied dry substrate made from agricultural byproducts, ensuring the safety and biosecurity of our breeding process.

A light brown blanched wet milled mealworm with a neutral aroma and nutty flavor.

With small particles size (<700µm), our frozen ingredient is very easy to incorporate, to combine to other ingredients in texturized pet food.

• Rich in quality protein with great digestibility

• A good fat balance : unsaturated fatty acid

• Rich in Omega 6  

• A unique source of insoluble fiber

Our mealworm-based ingredients score can be used to reduce environmental pawprint, while addressing demand for nutritious and high-quality products.

▶ To know more, visit us on our booth on Interzoo!

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Mealworm ingredients improve the nutritional sustainability of pet food
Mealworm ingredients improve the nutritional sustainability of pet food
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